Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to Vita Nova. These rules are to govern the guild members throughout their travels in the many different games that the guild is associated with. 


1. You have to be 18 years or older.

We might have adult conversations in voice- and guild chat. We might take an exception to this rule if you know someone in the guild (friend or family) or when you show a great level of maturity and coöperation.

2. Be respectful of others and treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.

Do not talk down, yell at or mistreat other members, players, guilds and/or communities. We do not want you to create drama, we aim for a drama free guild.

3. Inform an Officer or Council member if you’re absent for a longer period of time.

If you are going to be inactive for a more than a week, it’s best to inform us about it. You can do this on the forums, in-game or on voice chat.

4. Obey the rules and guidelines from all services and game companies we use and play.

Our reputation is important. It’s hard to build up and even harder to maintain. It’s very easily destroyed. You represent Vita Nova, so don’t make us look bad by getting banned by breaking the rules!

5. Do not post inappropriate links in the guild forums, guild chat or in Mumble.

Examples of inappropriate links are of sexual nature, harmful software and websites.

6. Do not steal from the guild.

We do have guild vaults. If you need something just ask or let the Vault Keeper (Drayko) or someone know that you are getting something for the guild vault.

Voice Chat

1. Use “Push to Talk” in Discord or any voice chat system.

Unless you are using a unidirectional mic that will not pick up personal conversations not meant for guild members to hear. No one wants to hear your one sided personal conversations.

2. Keep Voice chat clean.

Keep voice chat conversations PG-13 or lower. Some members just do not want to hear foul language all the time and some guild members may have children that may be listening to chat, so try to keep it clean.


1. Follow the Raid Leader’s instructions.

Progression raids will happen, so focus and discipline is required. If the raid leader deems it necessary to remove you for the benefit of the guild and raid we’ll ask that you respectfully step aside.


Try to be active in the games you are playing with us. Use the guild website and voice chat to get to know us. We realize that real life comes first!

Try to contribute with your talent(s), resources, skills and time. Many hands make a light load and we want to see all of us progress and do well in-game. That can't happen if we do not work as a team.

We ask that you have fun. Socialize, help one another and be involved. We want to help you, but we can't if we don't know what you want or need.

You want to join our guild? Awesome! But don’t try to change us into your ideal guild. We are what we are. We’re always willing to hear your suggestions. We'll treat every suggestion serious and we’ll act accordingly if we agree.